Mastering Rollover at T.B.G. BET! – Your Passport to Bonus Bliss

Big cheers for joining the T.B.G. BET! fam! We’re stoked to have you on board and want to make sure you’re rocking those bonuses like a pro. Here’s your lowdown on the Rollover:

What’s the Rollover, You Ask?

The rollover is the amount you gotta throw down in bets to unlock that sweet payout after cashing in on a Freeplay bonus.

Crunching Numbers: Rollover Style

The Rollover math goes like this: Deposit + Fees (if any) + Bonus, all multiplied by the rollover amount.

Let’s break it down. You deposit $1000 and get a 125% Match Play Deposit Bonus. $1250.

With a three-time rollover, you gotta roll that entire amount (yes, the $1000 + Free Play $1250 (total $2250) only three times.

Rollover Action Plan

To meet the rollover, we use the lower of the risk/reward value. Example time: Bet $60 on Team A to win $50, and $385 on Team B to win $350. The total action for the rollover is $400 ($50 + $350).

Risk $60 to win $50.

Risk $385 to win $350.

$50 counts towards rollover.

$350 counts toward rollover.

Just a heads-up:

  • Sportsbook bonuses roll in the Sportsbook only.
  • No casino or race book play counts for rollover.
  • Free Play wagers don’t add up for rollover calculations.
  • Vice Versa for Casino Bonuses.

Got questions or need a hand? We’re here for you. Let’s make your time at T.B.G. BET! not just fun but seriously rewarding!


T.B.G. BET! Squad

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