Rules & Regulations

  1. T.B.G. Bet! allows only one account per individual, family, household, and IP address.
  2. Any disputes must be addressed within seven days from the date of the wager.
  3. T.B.G. Bet! keeps detailed records of all wagers to handle any discrepancies.
  4. Once you confirm a wager, it’s final.
  5. T.B.G. Bet! retains the right to modify our wagering rules or payoff odds at any time.
  6. The rules and regulations of the Las Vegas Nevada Gaming Commission govern any wager or discrepancy not covered here.
  7. To place wagers, you must be 18 years or older.
  8. All events must occur on the scheduled date and location unless stated otherwise. Any changes will result in a “No Action” outcome.
  9. Overtime periods are included in the final score for “totals” wagers unless stated otherwise.
  10. Halftime wagers include overtime periods in the second-half score unless stated otherwise.
  11. Unless specified otherwise, the home team is always listed at the bottom.
  12. Quarter wagers apply to that quarter only and do not include overtime periods.
  13. Referral bonuses are solely for recreational players. T.B.G. Bet! reserves the right to retract bonus money for referral accounts that are subsequently canceled or suspended.
  14. Payouts for casino games are void in cases of game malfunctions, abuse, or advantage play.
  15. T.B.G. Bet! may cancel any bet or change games or stakes at any time. Errors in operation or the game void all payouts and plays.
  16. Our casino operates under these rules:
    • Games are provided “as is.” We do not guarantee that the software is bug-free. Any errors or malfunctions may result in canceled wagers and winnings.
    • Deliberate exploitation of errors, malfunctions, or bugs in the games will lead to canceled bets and winnings.
    • The decision of Casino Management is final.
    • Usage of bots or advantage play software is strictly prohibited; violating this rule may lead to account closure.
  17. T.B.G. Bet! maintains strict confidentiality and does not disclose an individual’s account details to anyone other than the owner.
  18. Players can terminate their account with T.B.G. Bet! at any time. Additionally, T.B.G. Bet! reserves the right to revoke the agreement between T.B.G. Bet! and players.
  19. Dormant Accounts: If there’s no activity (wagers, deposits, or withdrawals) for 12 months or more, the account will be considered “Dormant” and its balance zeroed out.
  20. T.B.G. Bet! reserves the right to limit or refuse any wager before its acceptance or the event’s start. Wagers made without sufficient funds will be voided.
  21. Our Liability:
    • T.B.G. Bet!’s management’s decisions are final and binding.
    • Players are responsible for understanding and complying with relevant gaming laws and regulations in their jurisdiction.
    • T.B.G. Bet! reserves the right to suspend or withdraw any game at our discretion.
    • T.B.G. Bet! is not liable for game cancellations, regardless of the reason.
  22. T.B.G. Bet! is not responsible for computer, typing, or human errors in posting odds, lines, or point spreads. However, T.B.G. Bet! reserves the right to correct obvious errors at our discretion.
  23. T.B.G. Bet! is not liable for:
    • Acts of God, including natural disasters, theft, strikes, riots, or acts of terrorism.
    • Failures of our computer systems or data transmission resulting in delays, errors, or losses.
    • Breaches of rules or obligations other than those expressly provided by these Rules.
    • Damages caused by the interception or misuse of transmitted information.
    • Discrepancies between the English language version of these rules and any other language version.
  24. Players not using a bonus must wager all deposited funds at least once before requesting a payout.
  25. All Sporting Events will be settled per our wagering rules on the day they are completed. Any changes due to protests will not be considered for settlement. Las Vegas rules apply where not mentioned.
  26. Attempts to circumvent T.B.G. Bet!’s rules or restrictions will result in account closure and forfeiture of any balance.
  27. Sportsbook rules are available for viewing within your account.
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